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2600 University Ave, Suite 218 West Des Moines Iowa 50266

+1 515 305 9384

Iowa Afghan Community & Cultural Organization


Welcome to the portfolio page of the Iowa Afghan Community & Cultural Organization (IACCO). As a non-profit corporation based in Des Moines, Iowa, we are dedicated to serving and supporting Afghan families in our state. This portfolio provides an overview of our organization, its mission, and the various initiatives we undertake to fulfill our purpose.


Mr Ahmad Sahel


May 10, 2023





About Iowa Afghan Community & Cultural Organization (IACCO)

The Iowa Afghan Community & Cultural Organization (IACCO) is a religious, educational, and cultural organization that aims to provide aid and guidance to Afghan families during challenging times. Our primary goal is to promote and share the values of Islam by offering religious, educational, and recreational facilities to our members.


The IACCO operates under the guidance of a board of chosen members who adhere to our established Bylaws. These Bylaws serve as guidelines and procedures for the effective operation and management of our organization.

Objectives and Activities

Under the umbrella of the IACCO, we engage in a variety of activities and initiatives to serve the Afghan community and foster unity among its members. Our key objectives and activities include:

  1. Religious, Educational, and Cultural Support:
    • Meeting the religious, educational, cultural, and social needs of Afghan Muslims in Iowa.
    • Promoting the spiritual advancement of the Muslim community.
    • Nourishing faith (deen) and fostering unity and brotherhood among members.
  2. Funeral Services and Burial Support:
    • Assisting with funeral services and arrangements for IACCO members and non-members within our local operating area (applicable fee).
  3. Community Center and Masjid Project:
    • Planning and working towards the construction of a community center and Masjid for the Afghan community.
  4. Unity and Collaboration:
    • Promoting unity within and among the Afghan community.
    • Acting as a focal point for meetings and discussions among community members.
  5. Guidance and Support:
    • Providing guidance on important life events such as deaths, weddings, and births.
    • Offering Islamic education, including Salah (prayer), Quranic studies, and language instruction.
  6. Enhancing Community Viability:
    • Planning and organizing activities to strengthen the Afghan community in Iowa.
    • Promoting and implementing positive family values.
  7. Assistance and Outreach:
    • Supporting disadvantaged individuals and families within the Afghan community.
    • Encouraging constructive dialogue and mutual understanding among community members.
    • Engaging in community and multi-faith outreach work.
  8. Education and Socialization:
    • Providing religious and language education to the Afghan community.
    • Creating opportunities for socialization and a sense of belonging in both joyful and sorrowful occasions.
  9. Youth Support:
    • Supporting youth who identify themselves with the IACCO, ensuring their needs are met.

Future Goals

As a newly established organization, there is much more to be done to fulfill the needs of our members. We strive to continually improve and expand our services. If you have any questions, require more information, or would like to provide assistance, including financial support, please reach out to us through the contact details provided below.

Contact Information:

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