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Fazal Moneer Adil

Fazal Moneer Adil

Youth Advocate
Fazal Moneer Adil is an ordinary Afghan refugee with big dreams for the future.
3 Years

Fazal Moneer Adil Biography

Fazal Moneer Adil is an ordinary Afghan refugee with big dreams for the future. Since moving to the United States in 2021, he has been actively involved in serving the Afghan community in social services, focusing on his role as a dedicated Youth Advocate.

Work Experience

Fazal brings a wealth of overseas work experience in various business fields, including sales, operations, marketing, service enhancements, and management. He has a proven track record of working closely with Afghans on their day-to-day needs, as he served as a translator/interpreter with the U.S. mission in Afghanistan for several years. This role allowed him to develop strong communication skills and a deep understanding of the Afghan community’s dynamics.

Additionally, Fazal has contributed to the education sector and creative industry as a teacher and graphic designer for a private institution in Afghanistan. These experiences have equipped him with valuable insights into the importance of education and creativity in empowering individuals and communities.

Volunteer Work and Hobbies

Committed to making a difference, Fazal actively engages in volunteer work to uplift the Afghan community. As a Youth Advocate, he focuses on empowering and supporting Afghan youth. Through inclusive programs, educational initiatives, and mentorship opportunities, Fazal aims to help young Afghans navigate the challenges of integration and achieve their goals.

Outside of his professional endeavors, Fazal enjoys pursuing hobbies that allow him to express his creativity and contribute to community projects. He has a passion for graphic design, utilizing his skills to create meaningful visual content. Additionally, he may engage in activities promoting physical fitness and personal development, such as swimming or martial arts.

Goals for Living in the US

Fazal’s primary goal for living in the United States is to serve the Afghan community and help community members meet their goals. He firmly believes that the stability and strength of the community contribute to the nation’s future and prosperity. By empowering and supporting individuals within the community, Fazal envisions a brighter future for both the Afghan community and the nation as a whole.

As a part-time undergraduate student at DMACC, Fazal is studying Humanities and Communications towards his associate degree. This educational journey enhances his knowledge and capabilities as a Youth Advocate, enabling him to better address the needs and aspirations of Afghan youth.

Fazal Moneer Adil’s dedication, multilingual abilities, and commitment to serving the Afghan community make him an invaluable asset. He actively works towards empowering Afghan youth and fostering a strong community for a brighter future.

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