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Nabi Mohammadi

Nabi Mohammadi

Founder/External Affairs Director
Nabi Mohammadi was born in northern Afghanistan, but grew up in Kabul. He became interpreter for the U.S. Armed Forces in Afghanistan, in 2009. He worked for Iowa National Guard in Afghanistan and they helped him move to Iowa with his family in 2013.
10 Years

Nabi Mohammadi Biography

Nabi Mohammadi, originally from northern Afghanistan and raised in Kabul, has played a pivotal role in bridging cultures and supporting the Afghan community in Iowa. His journey began in 2009 when he became an interpreter for the U.S. Armed Forces in Afghanistan. Recognizing the opportunity for a better future, Nabi worked closely with the Iowa National Guard, who aided his relocation to Iowa along with his family in 2013.

Driven by his commitment to education and community empowerment, Nabi embarked on his college journey at DMACC, ultimately earning U.S. citizenship in 2019. He further pursued his education at Grand View, successfully graduating in 2021 with a degree in management information systems.
Since settling in the United States, Nabi has remained dedicated to giving back to his Iowa community. He actively supports newly-arrived Afghan refugees in Des Moines, offering vital assistance such as obtaining driving permits, connecting them with immigration lawyers to navigate their immigration cases, and facilitating connections with potential employers.

Volunteer Skills

Interpreting and Cultural Mediation
Community Engagement and Empowerment
Information Technology and Systems Management


With a wealth of experience and a passion for community engagement and empowerment, Nabi has made a significant impact in various areas:

Interpreting and Cultural Mediation: Drawing on his extensive experience as an interpreter for the U.S. Armed Forces in Afghanistan, Nabi has excelled in bridging language and cultural gaps. He has been instrumental in facilitating effective communication and fostering understanding between diverse communities.

Community Engagement and Empowerment: Nabi’s dedication to community empowerment is evident through his proactive support of newly-arrived Afghan refugees in Des Moines. He has provided valuable assistance in obtaining driving permits, connecting individuals with immigration lawyers to navigate their immigration cases, and helping them access employment opportunities. By actively engaging with the community, Nabi has played a crucial role in facilitating the successful integration of Afghan refugees into their new lives.

Information Technology and Systems Management: In his role as an IT Analyst at Principal Financial Group, Nabi has applied his expertise in management information systems to contribute to the organization’s success. Through his strategic mindset and technical proficiency, he has played a key role in the implementation and optimization of IT solutions. Nabi’s contribution has ensured efficient management of information systems, enabling the organization to operate effectively and achieve its objectives.

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